Our Story


It began with the ordinary act of sweeping the floor by the inventor of the Sym-Right.

It was Dave's practice to place chairs, small worktables and other items onto a large worktable in the middle of his taxidermy shop. As he swept, he took notice of the mountain goat attached to the mounting stand across the room. With a chair between he and the Mt Goat, he noticed how the horizontal metal bars of the chair perfectly framed the Mt. Goat to give a leveled view of it’s ears, eyes and body.  

This was the ah-ha moment! 


 His wife, Bunny, later reminded him that the chair had once belonged to her parents, Wilbur and Toodie Chandler, and although they've both been gone for a number of years, it was a special feeling to know that their past possession was part of that moment.   


From there, the concept quickly developed into a grid pattern printed onto a clear plastic window, a protractor was added to measure angles, a bubble level to keep the Sym-Right leveled, and a tripod stand was altered to receive each of the window designs. 

Other tools have since been developed to expand into the artist's world of symmetry, balance and proportion. 

Thank you for visiting and we hope you'll give the Sym-Right system a try, to see how it can "bring focus to your artist's eye".    


Dave and Bunny Hakola